Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries tossed in a Brown Sugar & Rum Sauce

I’ll admit, I had no idea what panna cotta was until I heard a chef mention how good it was.  Thankfully there wasn’t much scouring for the perfect recipe – thank you Cooks Illustrated. I love you. Thanks for the perfect dessert the first time I ever had it. Panna Cotta has a similar texture… Continue reading Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries tossed in a Brown Sugar & Rum Sauce

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Fresh Picked Strawberries

Nothing is quite as satisfying as combing through acres of strawberry fields knowing that you can pick strawberries to your heart’s content (or until the bucket is full). Then there’s always the satisfying part of eating strawberries off the vine while no one is looking…or maybe they don’t even care. If you’re down in Southern Orange… Continue reading Fresh Picked Strawberries

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Semi-Homemade Strawberry Compote

Recipe from Cooks Illustrated. Didn’t your mama tell you to not waste any food? – Have frozen strawberries that have been sitting in your freezer a little too long? No problem – substitute 1 lb frozen strawberries for the fresh strawberries – Use on ice cream, cheese cake, pancakes and you will be a happy camper… Continue reading Semi-Homemade Strawberry Compote