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Martha Stewart Applesauce Cake

Not in love. I suppose I can feed it to the crows instead of throwing it away. It’s a terrible burden to figure out what to do with 15 lbs of freshly picked Golden Delicious apples. I made apple fruit leather, failed at making apple-peach-mango fruit leather, made a potful of applesauce and realized I… Continue reading Martha Stewart Applesauce Cake

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Silken Tofu with Ginger Syrup and Peanuts (Dou Hua)

Tofu is the jack of all of traits—it can be served raw, fried, steamed, salty, even sweet! Unfortunately tofu seems synonymous with being vegetarian or pretend meat, but it should be celebrated for being itself, just tofu (the obscure white block thing…)  There are many authentic Chinese dishes that I’ve been deprived of living in… Continue reading Silken Tofu with Ginger Syrup and Peanuts (Dou Hua)

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   The Original While mochi wrapped around ice cream is a brilliant idea, there’s something to be said about the “original” mochi – subtly sweet rice paste that sticks to your teeth as you bite into the center that’s filled with a sweet red bean paste. Mochi comes filled with red bean paste, ground peanuts… Continue reading Mochi