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Pignoli (Italian pine nut meringue cookies)

Sometimes you want more than a chocolate chip cookie. Pine nuts in desserts are a rare if not unheard of ingredient in the US. They are normally reserved for pesto or maybe a topping on a salad so you can imagine my giddiness when I saw them in cookies, tarts, and sweet breads in Europe.… Continue reading Pignoli (Italian pine nut meringue cookies)

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Raspberry Streusel Bars

Know that saying, “Keep is simple, stupid?” When it comes to baking, I can’t. Actually….I can’t. I frequently have the problem where I have cartons of berries sitting in my fridge. Even after repeated trips made back to the fridge due to hunger, boredom, feigned hunger, full-but-still-want-to-eat hunger, the berries are still in the fridge. It seems… Continue reading Raspberry Streusel Bars