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Pignoli (Italian pine nut meringue cookies)

Sometimes you want more than a chocolate chip cookie. Pine nuts in desserts are a rare if not unheard of ingredient in the US. They are normally reserved for pesto or maybe a topping on a salad so you can imagine my giddiness when I saw them in cookies, tarts, and sweet breads in Europe.… Continue reading Pignoli (Italian pine nut meringue cookies)

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Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies

Obsession. My obsession with Walker’s dark chocolate gingers started 4 years ago as my cousin and I were meandering through the cobblestone roads of Edinburgh. There were plenty of memorable experiences: the tartan patterns, the baked potato topped with tuna macaroni, haggis, the clotted cream, “shake shake”-ing it on the playground overshadowed by Edinburgh castle,… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies

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Infamous Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie

I suspect that to the mind of a recent college graduate, working in a different city, renting cars, and living in hotels constituted the “good life.” After almost 6 years of living out of suitcase and traveling coast to coast for 4 years, I will blatantly say that there is nothing glamorous of this jet-setting… Continue reading Infamous Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Ferrero Rocher Thumbprint Cookies

Used to be old-school.  Let me put on some satin gloves and make some tea. Perhaps these cookies are driving me to buy hundreds worth of feather cocktail hats! I’m obsessed at the moment. Somehow thumbprint cookies seem perfect for old ladies and crumpets. Where are the chocolate chips? Hellooo…I have a huge Costco-size bag of chocolate… Continue reading Ferrero Rocher Thumbprint Cookies