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Martha Stewart Applesauce Cake

Not in love. I suppose I can feed it to the crows instead of throwing it away. It’s a terrible burden to figure out what to do with 15 lbs of freshly picked Golden Delicious apples. I made apple fruit leather, failed at making apple-peach-mango fruit leather, made a potful of applesauce and realized I… Continue reading Martha Stewart Applesauce Cake

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Crepes – and the Experimentation Commences

AHA! Yes – crepes can be frozen! (The third try works like a charm – see the noticeable improvement?) Being a newbie at making crepes, I was extremely lucky in finding and making a fantastic, french-bakery quality crepe. Flipping the crepes took a little work but after the third one, no problemo. Note: This recipe… Continue reading Crepes – and the Experimentation Commences