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Grass Jelly

This unidentified black jiggly blob thing is probably the runner up to thousand year old egg in the “unattractive food” contest. Fortunately, while the looks may seem a bit foreign, the taste is refreshing, slightly minty, and goes oh so well with hot summers. Ladies, think your man needs to chill out? According to old Chinese medicine, it also helps balance an angry/stressed man…I mean, person.

Its American equivalent would be jello minus the gelatin. Grass jelly is not made from grass but made from a type of mint leaf that is boiled for hours with cornstarch. No animal bones involved.

There are many ways of serving grass jelly, but the simplest ways involves making a simple sugar syrup (usually with cane sugar or brown sugar), water, and ice cubes. Told you it was simple, didn’t I?

For a more complex version, brew some tea and chill until cold. Add simple sugar syrup, some condensed milk and sweeten to your liking.  Add in the grass jelly and enjoy the cooling (and healing) properties of grass jelly.

If you like boba milk tea, request to have grass jelly instead of boba. The calories in grass jelly are significantly less than boba so now you can drink two or three in one day without feeling guilty….

Simple syrup is a 1:1 mixture of water and sugar (brown sugar, rock cane sugar, white sugar, etc…) Bring water to a boil and stir until sugar is dissolved.


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