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Silken Tofu with Ginger Syrup and Peanuts (Dou Hua)

Tofu is the jack of all of traits—it can be served raw, fried, steamed, salty, even sweet! Unfortunately tofu seems synonymous with being vegetarian or pretend meat, but it should be celebrated for being itself, just tofu (the obscure white block thing…)

 There are many authentic Chinese dishes that I’ve been deprived of living in the lazy beach towns of Southern California. My saving grace has always been going back home to the Bay Area and turning into a chipmunk where I cram as much Chinese food into my body as humanly possible. Now that I work near Philadelphia’s Chinatown, I don’t need to go home as often (no, just kidding Mom!)

 While many Chinese dishes are near and dear to me, this is one that I love when it’s freshly made and still warm (just like fresh soy milk). It is called “dou hua” in Mandarin. My father would usually buy this or fresh soy milk whenever he made his weekly Chinatown run for groceries. While my brother and I always fought for the last drip of soy milk, he never seemed too keen on this dish…and I’m always happy with more. It can be served a variety of ways but I love it topped with sweet ginger syrup and peanuts. While one day I may try to make this dish, it’s more likely that’ll I’ll leave this one to the professionals…for now.

Food source: Heung Ca Chun Sweet House, Philadelphia PA


One thought on “Silken Tofu with Ginger Syrup and Peanuts (Dou Hua)

  1. Hi, i dont know if you get alot of comments i guess you do, this are just amazing, i loved this post, and all the recipes too! i’ll come back soon and check everything out!

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