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Fresh Picked Strawberries


Nothing is quite as satisfying as combing through acres of strawberry fields knowing that you can pick strawberries to your heart’s content (or until the bucket is full). Then there’s always the satisfying part of eating strawberries off the vine while no one is looking…or maybe they don’t even care.

If you’re down in Southern Orange County or Northern San Diego, go visit the Carlsbad Strawberry fields off of Polamar Airport Road. Spend a few hours perusing for the perfect-shaped strawberries, or if you’re me, look for the mutated-genetic-defect looking ones.

Here’s my attempt at recreating Nation’s Strawberry Pie since I’m not in the Bay Area. There’s something to be said on how they stack those strawberries…I will have to study the art of stacking strawberries when I go back home!

Recipe titled Fresh Strawberry Pie under the Dessert category.


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