American Cuisine

Cornell Chicken

Apologies as I haven’t been cooking for the past 1.5 months (life has been in flux right now including some long, long work hours!) It must be annoying not seeing any new recipes – trust me! I’m annoyed at myself (not to mention I don’t feel at peace with myself unless I’ve cooked something.)

This picture might not do much good as I left the recipe at my parent’s house but I promise to post the recipe when I get ahold of it. One area where I’ve not explored much is the charcoal grill (which will be my first purchase when I get a house, forget the couch and TV!) I will become a BBQ master.

Onto the recipe at hand…this is another welcome recipe from Cooks Country. I’m tired of the regular flavors used in chicken – try this recipe for a different but lovely flavor (sage, lemon, and vinegar). My dad’s lack of patience almost ruined the recipe as the chicken took almost a hour to grill, but he couldn’t stop talking about how tender and tasty the meat was when it done!


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