European (Western and Eastern) Cuisine


Attempt at kneading dough doesn’t fail – amazing.

There’s this disease that I experience every other week called the empty fridge syndrome – if I’m lucky I may have some eggs left, but normally it’s just the ketchup bottle. This disease can be attributed to my consulting/traveling lifestyle. Maybe one day I’ll have a normal job…or maybe I’ll start making a bunch of freezable foods – most likely the latter will win.

First on my list? Bierocks.

Anything with sausage and sauerkraut is a winner so of course this recipe played cut-sies in the “must make” line of recipes. I can’t tell you how true it is to what bierocks are supposed to taste like, but I do know that a sausage filling tasted better than the 90% lean ground beef mixture, as usual…and that adding cheese would have made this recipe++

I’d imagine that part of the charm of a bierock is the thick layer of sweet dough (which I made too thin) surrounding the meat filling but now I know better!

These suckers freeze beautifully and have saved me from hunger (ok, the fear of hunger since I’m never actually hungry) plenty of times.

Recipe to be posted once I perfect the filling recipe!


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