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 The Original

While mochi wrapped around ice cream is a brilliant idea, there’s something to be said about the “original” mochi – subtly sweet rice paste that sticks to your teeth as you bite into the center that’s filled with a sweet red bean paste.

Mochi comes filled with red bean paste, ground peanuts and coconut, yellow bean paste, etc… and can be found at Asian supermarkets and even some dimsum restaurants.

Personally I find making mochi tedious because the dough is incredibly sticky and hard to shape. This is one thing I’m leaving to the professionals.


One thought on “Mochi

  1. Hi just wanted to say thank you so much. Because when I was a kid a boy from elementary school brought it in and since then I’ve been trying to find out what it is. And now I’m an adult and my daughter had internal day in school and her friend mom brought in ice cream mochi and I’ve played a game on face book (cooking game) that had mochi on it and decided to Google it and your web page came up and to see the original mochi was a blessing thanks so much because now I know what to look for when I go to Asian supermarkets.

    Thanks So Very Much.

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