Asian Cuisine

“The Shake” and Rousong (Pork sung)


My cousin re-introduced “the shake” back into my life.  We have no idea what it’s really called but it’s a common topping for rice porridges that I commonly ate when I was a child. The speckles of sesame seeds and flecks of dried seaweed add texture, crunch, and saltiness.

Of course,”the shake” makes me want to break out in the Turbo Jam’s “shake-it-shake-it” moves but back to the subject on-hand…

Below “the shake” is rousong (pork sung). The appeal of rousong forces me to take home leftover rice from Asian restaurants so I can cook porridge and douse it with rousong. Sometimes I find myself directly eating from the jar…as unsanitary as that is. Rousong is meat that is dried and flaked into a light fluffy texture.

Rousong is normally used as a topping for rice porridges, tofu, and salty soy milk or stuffed into pastries.

Rousong and “the shake” are sold in Asian supermarkets – I’ll have to peruse the Safeway/Albertons aisle to see if they sell it (highly doubtful).


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