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Apple Pumpkin Pie


Deanius and I took a short trip to visit the quaint city of Julian and to Joshua tree National Park. Any trip we take involves eating at least 2-3 caramel apples (with added permutations of dark chocolate, white chocolate, M&Ms, nuts, marshmallows, or all of the above!)

However, the caramel apples did not fall victim to our ritual. At Julian, we were introduced to a slice of heaven: apple pumpkin pie. This happens to be a merge of two of my favorite pies…and it’s to die for. The pumpkin and apple texture and flavor are a perfect blend of THE summer and fall pie. Add a crumb topping and piles of whip cream…what’s not to love?

You can be sure that I’ll be trying different recipes to try and recreate this pie – apple pumpkin pie, you can’t hide from me too long! 

The slice of pie runs $3-4 dollars at Julian’s Cake & Bakery.


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