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Forsaken Fruit Cake


Why does fruit cake have such a bad rep?

The reaction to fruit cake is almost synonymous with trying to convince people to try pork blood and intestines (which by the way, is a fantastic dish).

There’s no chocolate or frosting (big minuses) but homemade fruit cake soaked in a bourbon and Grand Marnier liquer for days on end is tasty. Quite tasty.

Normally store-bought fruit cake contains candied fruit – which is perhaps how fruit cake got its rep.

This cake uses unsweetened dried fruit and nuts – sort of like trail mix, with better ingredients, in cake, and soaked in alcohol!

So the next time you receive fruit cake from a coworker or neighbor, at least give it a shot! The cost of raw materials (not to mention labor) is enough to make any sane person want to eat it for themself.

 I’ll have to “borrow” this recipe from my Mom the next time I visit home.


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