Jiu Cai He Zi


Completely vegetarian and completely droolicious!

Vegetarian dishes that pretend to be like their meat counterparts have always struck a dissonant chord with me – why be something you can’t? Here’s a Chinese comfort food with a ton of flavor that won’t leave you saying “…and where is the meat?” This baby is stuffed with jiu cai (Chinese garlic chives), clear vermicelli, and bits of egg and cooked like a potsticker (to be read as crispy outside layer!)

For those lucky people who live on the East Bay area past the Caldecott tunnel, visit the farmer’s market in Moraga for some homemade jiu cai he zi.


Pan fry frozen bin (the frozen flat-shaped dumpling) until golden-brown crust forms. Add 1/2 cup water to pot and cover pot until water evaporates. Leave on pan for 1-2 minutes after water disappears.


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