Bakers Square’s French Silk Pie


The story of this pie begins with a fresh strawberry pie.  For those who live in the East Bay Area, you mean be well acquainted with a “fast-food” chain called Nations. Nations is famous for its burgers and shakes but its strawberry pies are simply to-die-for. Mounds of large, fresh strawberries piled high on top of a pie crust …drizzled with a simple strawberry syrup (and of course lined with whip cream!)

Now let’s cut to the chase. I still have not found any fresh strawberry pie that can match Nation’s. Bakers Square has a registered trademark for “The Best Pie in America” but let me tell you, that trademark does not belong to their strawberry pie. More like “The Best Mushy Strawberries-Soggy Crust-Syrup Laden Pie in America!”

Now that is deserving of a trademark. 

I’m usually one to just shrug it off and say, “well, I won’t be ordering that next time” but I was so annoyed at the quality that I wrote to their company and complained. They responded the next business day and apologized for the poor quality…and ‘lo and behold, a free pie coupon.

Pictured is their French Silk Pie. If you’re looking for chocolate and whip cream, look no further. A few bites of this and even a chocoholic would take a break (only to return a few seconds later…er, that’s what I did). The chocolate swirls weren’t anything impressive – they lacked the luster of dark or even milk chocolate. It reminded me of cheap Halloween candy (those chocolate shaped coins that have witches on them!)


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